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History of Freemasonry

Freemasonry is the oldest, largest and most widely known fraternal organization in the world, possibly dating back to the 10th Century, B.C. Many notable historic figures have been Masons.

Locally, Harmony Lodge No. 429 has been embedded and active in the Community for over 150 years. We have hundreds of members with diverse backgrounds.

Harmony Lodge No 429

Lodges of Masonic District 26

In Our Community

Harmony Lodge No 429 has hundreds of members.We are embedded and active in our community. We welcome the opportunity to work with other non-profit organizations and to participate in community events.From Parades to Pumpkins, we have fun while supporting the community.We realize that we are all in this together!

We are responsible for maintaining several miles of “Road Clean-up”.

Each year our members help beautify the area by collecting and removing trash and debris from area roadsides.

We welcome the opportunity to work with other organizations to help them meet their goals.

For decades, Harmony Lodge members have participated in “Ringing the Bell” during the holidays on behalf of the Salvation Army.

We actively participate in Community Events and Celebrations.

Throughout the year we enjoy being involved with the Communities activities. In many ways, their events become our events. From Parades to Pumpkins we have fun while supporting our community.

We own and maintain our building and grounds.

Being only a few blocks from Main Street, we are surrounded by private residences, the Community Park and a few businesses. We want to be good neighbors so it’s important that our facility is in keeping with the clean and safe high standards that are set in the neighborhood.

We allow other organizations and private groups to utilize our facility.

Due to our location, it’s common for the public to use our parking lot while attending other events – and that’s fine with us! We also have a large interior space with an adjacent kitchen that has been used for functions such as receptions, banquets, training studio and has also served as a certified election voting location.

We hold fundraising events that also benefit various local organizations and individuals.

A percentage of our operating funds is for Masonic related organizations as a discretionary distribution. In addition, it’s not unusual for us to make it known to our contributors that sometimes a portion of the funds we collect are for the benefit of another organization or an individual. Local first responders, youth organizations, and the Zelienople Community Park are among past recipients We realize that we are all in this together.

150th Anniversary

Brief History of Harmony Lodge No. 429 Free and Accepted Masons

Harmony Lodge No. 429 was constituted January 5, 1869 by District Deputy Grand Master G.D.Kughler. The original petition for a Warrant of Constitution was signed by the following eleven men: Brothers, Elias Gillespie, Revenue Officer, Robert H. Kinnear, Farmer, Sydney M. Wiehl, Cabinet Maker, Joseph S. Lusk, Physician, Austin Pearce, Druggist,Jeremiah W. Bowman, Farmer, Loring Lusk, Druggist, James Lytle, Farmer, James M. Covert, Shoe Dealer, Amos Lusk Physician.

The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania WarrantedHarmony Lodge No. 429 Free and AcceptedMasons on September 10th, 1868. The firstofficers of Harmony Lodge were Brothers Joseph Lusk, WorshipfulMaster, Elias Gillespie, Senior Warden, and Austin Pearce, JuniorWarden.

The first meeting place of Harmony Lodge was on the second floor of the Harmony Academy. Some years later the Lodge moved toZelienople andoccupied the third floor of the Bastain Building.

A fire in 1903 destroyed the Bastain Building andonly two stories were rebuilt. The Lodge then moved back to Harmony and occupied the second floor of the Wise Lumber Company Building.

During the year 1906. the Lodge moved to theVarner Building located at the corner of West New Castle Street and Main Street and remained there until 1968. The Lodge then moved to its present location on East Beaver Street, Zelienople.

Freemasonry: Making Good Men Better