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Heart Month History

February has been traditionally known as the month for love, romance and all things heart related.  St. Valentines Day, for example, occurs each year on February 14th and has been attributed to a priest (St. Valentine) who served during the third century in Rome.

In addition to Valentine’s Day, February is the month that was officially designated in 1963 as “American Heart Month” by the American Heart Association (https://www.heart.org). The purpose of creating a heart month is to remind us annually to take care of ourselves – particularly our heart.

September 2000 – Defibrillator Fund Drive Article

This month is also a good time to recall a heart-related fund drive when the Masons of Harmony Lodge No. 429 in Zelienople started a successful campaign to raise money for an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).   This was almost 25 years ago and AED’s were just starting to become a reliable life saving device.   The AED was purchased and then donated to the Volunteer Fire Department (https://www.harmonyfire22.org) by the Masons.  The Pittsburgh Tribune-North article details the 2000 campaign.

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

An AED is a lightweight, portable device that can automatically deliver an electric shock through the chest to the heart. It can stop an irregular heart beat and allow a normal rhythm.  The modern AED came about around 1980 and began to grow and was improved over the following decades.  Most public buildings, schools and business now have an AED available for immediate use should someone experience a sudden cardiac arrest.   Many non-profit organizations, including within the Masonic Building of Harmony Lodge No 429, have an AED.

Fast Response

The sooner an AED is used, the better the chances of survival.

Perhaps no one knows this best then Damar Hamlin.  Damar is a Pittsburgh native and a NFL professional football player.  He was given life saving treatment when he had a cardiac arrest during a televised Monday Night Football game. He used his recent life-threatening experience that occurred on the field to create a healthy heart awareness campaign and initiated his CPR Challenge.  (https://www.heart.org/en/damar-hamlins-3-for-heart-cpr-challenge)

For about 60 years February has been designated as “Heart Month”.   So, Happy Valentine’s Day and this year consider celebrating Heart Month by talking to your doctor about good health and good heart care. 



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