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Seneca Valley Students Volunteer to Help Beautify Landscaping at Masonic Building

Recently, Harmony Lodge No 429 was honored to welcome students from the Ryan Gloyer Middle School. The students helped beautify the front of the Masonic Building on E. Beaver Street, Zelienople, PA. This was part of a community-wide day of volunteering by a hundred students enrolled at the Seneca Valley School District.

Under the guidance of Mr. Conner Watkins, five 7th graders worked in the front yard around the flagpole and the memorial monument by removing the sod and laying landscape fabric. They then planted several flowers along with mulch.

The students worked diligently for well over two hours. They only stopped for refreshments and to rescue a few earthworms.

During their digging, they uncovered a buried pipe of unknown origin. This led Mr. Watkins to recall that many past explorers searched for treasures hidden long ago by the Masons. He mentioned that the movie “National Treasure” was based on such treasures. As he told the story, the students paused their work. Their eyes widen as they heard that perhaps riches beyond belief may lie beneath their feet. Needless to say, their pace of work picked up after hearing of the legend.

Mr. Watkins did a wonderful job. He kept the students focused while at the same time introducing some humor, history, biology, helminthology and team building.

Many thanks go out to the Seneca valley School District and to Principal Anthony Babusci of the Ryan Gloyer Middle School. Additionally, deep appreciation goes out to the Districts personnel who coordinated, transported and supervised the students on a beautiful day of volunteering by the young people of our community.

More information on the Seneca Valley School District can be found at www.svsd.net and Seneca Valley School District

Photos posted with permission.


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